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Sample Wedding Videos


Lockdown Wedding Highlights

01 Bride Morning

• 2 Teams, one from the bride side, one from the groom side. 

• Video morning of the bride getting ready and groom getting ready will be mixed together. 

02 Gurdwara Intro

• Multiple cameras allow for more coverage of your event. The establishing shots, bride coming out the car, groom coming out the car,  and greeting shots are all happening at the same time. 

• Having 2 teams allows us to capture more content, as well as capturing better creative angles and creative flair when the cameras meet.

03 Gurdwara

• An example of the cameras coming together, you can see different angles can be attained with creative flair.

04 Reception Intro

• Crane used at reception (as camera 3).

• Without crane it unlikely we will get decor shots. 
• These shots were taken whilst the gurdwara ceremony was still running. 

• Near imposile to get these shots without crane

06 Bride and Groom Enterance and Cake Cutting

• You can see how the crane acts as camera 3 to help make the film more interesting. Also the crane is used throughout most of the reception. 

07 First Dance

• Again, an example of the cinematic cameras used alongside the crane on the first dance

• Multiple events can happen at hall including dance floor, ladies milni, roti ceremony, sugans, kangana, guests mingling around tables, etc. Having the extra camera's help capture more content simultaneously at the same time

08 Dance Floor with Crane

• This is a 250 person wedding

Notice as the cameras switch: 

• Can you see the crane camera and how it captures angles compared to the other cameras mounted on the stand

• Can you see how big of a advantage it can be to have a crane

Standard Film 

• This is a standard example hall snipet

• Can you see the difference between this and the cinematic work above. 

• You can see when we got to the hall people where already seated and there was not as much decor shots. 

• Can you also notice the quality difference


Please do not disseminate, or share, the material on this link, or this link, with any unauthorised personal without the company's permission. 

Thank You. 

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Studio: 07800 726 617

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