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Music Production and Sound Engineering

Sound is a crucial element to all forms of commercial trailers and promotions. Sound is the element which holds all videos and commercial shoots together. We offer services such as sound engineering and music production which is used alongside; commercial shoots, conferences, live events, interviews, documentaries, real estate videos and short film productions.

Audio Production

We offer a full in house production studio, utilising software such Logic Pro X, Reason, Pro Tools as well as mastering suits such as Izotope to create Unique music be it cinematic, contemporary, sound effects or more.

Modern day platforms such as Youtube, instagram, twitter will automatically block or copyright strike music production which do not exhibit explicit permissions. 

Since sound and music design is done in house for all commercial projects or shoots there is no conflict of licencing and royalty issues. 

All sound is engineered and tailored to the need of the production which is unique to each project.

Mixing Station

Voice Over

Concept design and scripting can be done at our studio for projects which require or may benefit from a voice over. 

Voice overs can be an highly effective means of grabbing the attention of the viewer and help guide the viewer through a journey. 

Recording Studio Mic

Live Event Audio Recording

For live events we utilize the latest industry standard recording techniques and equipment to capture high clarity audio.

We also use digital audio recording methods to attain live audio feeds at events and conferences. 

With the use of shotgun microphones we can capture interviews with a professional edge. Cardioid microphones can be used in conjunction with figure 8 microphones to create surround sound stereo immersive recordings as well as 3D binaural stereoscopic realistic sound. 

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